Luminara's Big Guns

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TimeLapse 228

This is a new deck I am playing around with, any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

The main idea is to use Luminara's special with the hired guns to hit hard in quick bursts.

What I want to see on hired guns is fast hands and cunning to quick fire 6 damage if i'm lucky enough to roll it, or claim to chain off a cunning special into a 5-6 damage hit.

Vary luck based slow deck that I am not sure will work yet, but its spike damage is massive.

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DreadFool 1

I think you'd get some wins just with the surprise factor. I have been playing a Luminara deck (with Padawans) recently and it causes some head-scratching. Assuming you manage your resources well, six damage is no joke. I like that your deck isn't overly focused on Luminara (as I think she'd be the priority target), but you would want to get her ability off at least a couple of times (specifically for money or damage). I think Force Illusion could help her survivability and it can still be played on a Hired Gun even if she's defeated. It's not quite as powerful as Second Chance but it's cheaper and has more utility. Other cards for consideration could be Datapad (although that takes you a bit further down the Luminara strategy path), Meditate (which potentially makes Journals of Ben Kenobi worthwhile), Maz's Goggles, and New Orders. I think there's plenty of room for tweaks in your build.