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DarthMorgoth 200

I have tested this deck a little on TTS (just a few games), and it has done fairly well. I think its like 3-1 right now with a loss to Vader/Guard which I definitely could have played better, and I think I have made some improvements since then.

This deck has great survivability with free Shields and second chances. The biggest threat is easily vibroblade which can wreck us quite effeciently. our options are remove the die, (sadly there is not enough good removal for just yellow heroes right now, maybe I'm missing something?), remove the weapon with disarm, or kill the wielding character before she kills us. I think disarm is necessary right now for this role, and also for dealing the FAN shenanigans. But it is rather awkward because we usually resolve our damage immediately and we can't usually afford to leave damage hanging out there. This is one way this deck does not feel super smooth right now.

I am thinking of possible changes: second ascension gun. If we have opponent battlefield, the guns special is basically a free isolation. Second millennium falcon, this card is super reliable that is basically impossible to remove and can be immediately resolved with Maz pretty well. it's just so expensive that I am only running one.

I would love other thoughts on how to develop this deck further.

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