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Dave Sharona 606

There's a lot to love about big dice with Rey - Force Prodigy support.

Play Force Speed, roll out Rey - Force Prodigy, claim the force speed special, roll out Luke Skywalker - Jedi Knight, pray for two 3 Melee sides, then My Ally Is The Force into 9 damage.

Looks great on paper! When it works, it's amazing. Now we've added a few upgrades to help with that. Vibroknife and Makashi Training are a must for damage. Force Illusion is a must for defense. The rest, to be honest, is really a matter of preference.

There's a pretty strong argument to be made for Lightsaber over Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber, namely REDEPLOY. That being said, I seem to have great luck rolling specials and I occasionally like the 2 shields that it can bring (and the +3 ain't bad either), not to mention they're going after Luke 95% of the time, so I'm not really concerned with redeploy.

My propensity to roll specials is also why I've included Handcrafted Light Bows over Lightsabers or a second One With The Force. It has the nastiest single target upgrade special potential in the game, and I can't tell you how many times I've come up against a Blackmail wielding Jabba the Hutt - The Great and Mighty or Unkar Plutt - Junk Dealer who likes to keep throwing on 3 shields at a clip and how useful that special can be.

That's the basic premise. Stay alive, use Force Speed to make sure Luke's dice get resolved, and don't forget everyone's favorite combo

Swiftness, Use The Force, My Ally Is The Force, 4 resources is a lot, so you'd better make it pay off!

One thought about the battlefield:

It's self-explanatory, but dangerous. It could potentially backfire on you, although I would rather have the shields anyway in most matches. I considered playing it safe with Moisture Farm - Tatooine, but like I said I'd rather have the shields, and with a little luck, this can provide some amazing claim plays.

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Dave Sharona 606

One edit here:

After playing quite a few rounds, I can safely say this battlefield is stupid and worthless with this deck >_<

By the time I'm ready to claim, all of my dice are gone anyway. Therefore, I will be switching it out for either Moisture Farm - Tatooine or Starship Graveyard - Jakku