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Moophisto 381

I won a store championship with this list on 7/15/17. It is post Fast Hands errata, and I anticipate given that 7/15/17 was the first Saturday following the effective date of the change, this may be one of the first fast hand-less SC Poe/Maz lists. That said, Poe/Maz has been done to death and explained ad nauseam, so rather than write a full guide I am going to highlight some notable inclusions and exlusions

Frozen Wastes - Starkiller Base

This is always the first question for any Poe/Maz deck - this, or Emperor's Throne Room - Death Star II. I chose Wastes for a number of reasons. First, I found in my play testing over the past few weeks, more often than not I was getting value out of both Poe Dice without using Throne Room. After all, half of his sides do damage (counting his special). With all the correction Maz already has going in the deck as well, the chances of him either rolling well initially or getting a Maz focus is pretty high, reducing the value of Throne Room. Further, because the deck plays so quickly, I often found myself passing in situations where even if I had a die I wanted to resolve with Throne Room, I'd have the dilemma of either claiming and becoming a sitting duck, or controlling some an opponent's dice (or sometimes even having to pass so they can roll out because I was moving so much faster than them), which slowed me down and gave my opponent an opportunity to remove my Poe Dice. With Frozen Wastes, I have a built in control function WITH my claim (which you of course want to do for multiple reasons, including Planetary Uprising damage). Plus, because I am usually about done with my turn by the time the opponent is rolling in their first or second character, Wastes just about always has a target, whereas Throne Room does not for the reason mentioned earlier. Further, because I am rolling and resolving so fast, even in the rare situations my opponent does claim, Poe's dice are already out of the pool, and it generally is not a big deal if the opponent removes a Maz character die.

Additionally, it was a meta call. I anticipated that after the fast hands nerf, there would be a rise in the amount of Emo Twins being played, as they were one of the top decks prior to change and were unaffected by it, whereas other popular and strong decks (Vader/Raider, Poe/Maz) were affected. Emo Twins is MUCH stronger with Throne Room than without. By not running it, I not only took away the guarantee that they get to play it regardless of who wins opening roll, but also gave myself a tool to eliminate those troublesome Darth Vader - Dark Apprenticedice.

Other Notable inclusions


This was what I swapped Fast Hands out for. Many Poe/Maz lists were already running it, as opposed to maybe Launch Bay that I run, or some of the control cards in my deck. However, though I've always appreciated the consistency it adds (as it gives you an extra chance at Poe's special), I didn't think it was an auto-include. But again, expecting to see more Emo Kids, it was a no brainer to include. It destroys Baby Vader of course, and gives Maz a very real chance of winning one-on-one against him (or even against Kylo Ren - Vader's Disciple) if they manage to burst Poe down. It also improves the mirror, because if you are on the back foot and your Poe goes down before theirs does, Maz can still use it to throw out those big nukes that this deck is based on.

Launch Bay

Some people dislike this card, seeing it as a sub-optimal pair of cards for the slot. I disagree. I believe it is essentially a more versatile Falcon. Will it always get the 4 damage value the Falcon does? No. But it will almost always get at LEAST 3, and it gives you the option of damage (the usual choice) as well as an audible into discard or disrupts, or in rare situations even shields. Envision this: Your opponent rolls out crap? Discard their hand and lock those bad rolls in. Palpatine - Galactic Emperor's got five resources and about to Rise Again? Take those resources away. Poe's on his last legs, and the opponent is about to kill him? Stick 3 shields on him so he can hunker through to next round. Or, you know, deal 3-4 damage and kill them before they kill you.

Hyperspace Jump

This card is beautiful. It gets you out of sticky situations. Period. If your opponent rolls a god roll and you don't have mitigation, this ends the round and makes all those pretty opposing dice go away. And, if need be, this gives you the opportunity to dump cards from your hand you don't need so you can draw up to put you in a better position for next phase! The battlefield switch option is just icing on the cake.


This was the last card in, and will likely be the first card out. It was a last minute tweak meant to give more consistency and guaranteed damage in lieu of my choice not to run Throne Room. Sure, he slows you down one action a phase to roll out, but often you can still win the race to claim, and if you can't you can always choose not to roll him out that particular phase. That said, I believe I only used his ability once - and maybe only would have benefited significantly using it one time beyond that (also reinforcing my view regarding not using Throne Room, for that matter). Prior to swapping in him I had run a single copy of Cheat for its versatility, but would also consider a second Dug in, which I will discuss below.

Notable Exclusions

A second copy of Dug in.

I did not include ttwo his because of the prevalence of Vibroknife. That said, with the fast hands nerf, Vader/Raider - maybe the worst abuser of vibroknife - is likely to go down in rate of play as well as potency. And, while it is true that the Emo Kids deck runs vibroknives as well, while their melee may bypass the shields, their very dangerous specials do not. It is definitely something I would considering swapping in instead of C3PO, but it is ultimately a meta call.

Friends in Low Places

FILP belongs in just about every deck with a yellow character. It is a GREAT card. It gives you information about your opponent's hand, and often allows you to remove either removal/control or reach. However, this deck is about dishing out damage and utilizing the absurd speed that Maz enables. So, while FILP certainly could let you remove a card that might wind up taking out a Poe Die, or remove that Lightsaber Throw the opponent wants to use to get in that extra damage (or Bait and Switch/Force Strike for the guaranteed damage), it adds an extra step in your turn that delays the plan of hit them fast, hit them hard, and then claim for control (and maybe even some additional sweet, sweet Wookie damage.

Thanks for reading, and good luck!

4 commenti

maravitch 18

Hi, nice guide! I've found another notable exlcusion: Maz Goggles. Could you describe why? Thank you in advance.

Moophisto 381

Full Disclosure - I don't own Maz's Goggles, so I never tested it out personally. However, I have also never looked to get it because I do not think that it is needed. Truth be told, between 50 percent good-to-great outcomes on Poe, and Maz already having two focus sides on each of her dice, I do not think it adds enough to the deck to justify its inclusion, as the deck already has a very good chance of doing what Maz's Goggle's allow it to do without including it. I could see it in the C-3PO slot as it accomplishes something similar, but as mentioned earlier I am not convinced I'd keep the galaxy's most famous protocol droid in if I did it again anyway.

Aka Dale Cooper 1

Hi ! Nice guide and Nice deck. what do you think about "cheat" card in this deck? To use more, for exemple, "Thermal Detonator"?

Moophisto 381

As I mentioned in the write-up, I had initially had been running a single copy of cheat in place of where I ultimately swapped in C3PO. Cheat is definitely an option to play around with, but when I had it in and was testing/playing, I found more often than not I'd rather not spend the resource and a card on cheat because I'd rather have the resource to play out a cunning, Planetary uprising, save up for a Hyperspace jump, etc. The other thing is that each card in this deck, for the most part, is good enough you don't want to discard it with cheat. There is enough damage in "throwables" to kill just about any opponent already in the deck, and the control suite lets us live long enough to throw those damage swapping out damage for damage seems lackluster at a cost of 1 resource, and I did not often find an opportunity where I wanted to swap out control for damage.